Hin Saeng Nakorn Co., Ltd.

Supplier of Natural Stone for landscaping

The company has been active under its current name since 1996.

Hin Saeng Nakorn Co., Ltd. is a Thai company involved in import and export of natural stone.

HSN was founded in 1996 in Thailand as Hin Saeng Nakorn Co., Ltd. and expanded its activities through subsidiaries and franchises to China, Indonesia, Middle East, Fiji and South Africa.

The company became a regional leader in the hard landscape stone supplies. It served thousands of projects in tropical and sub-tropical conditions.

Using natural stone products to increase the beauty of the landscape design, to reduce at the same time the environmental impact production costs, and finally to minimize maintenance of the applied materials, proved to be major success in modern landscape architecture projects.

Knowledge, in detail of the selected stones, and proper understanding of the chemical and physical properties at site allows the company to provide proper information on maintenance, and to reduce the chemical requirements to protect/ seal the stones.