Etna Basalt Driveway

Etna Basalt Driveway


Etna Lava stone is a volcanic rock with plenty holes. The stone is formed from lava flowing from a volcano, the escaping gases caused the holes. During solidification the stone closed itself totally, so there is ample porosity but very limited permeability (the holes are not connected). The composition is basaltic, so very resistant against all chemicals. As the holes are not connected, wind blowing sand into it, also blows it away
again, resulting in a very low maintenance material. Stone is very strong very suitable for drive ways as it can handle heavy trucks. Spilled oil will disappear in full sunlight in a few weeks. 

Available Sizes

15x15x3 cm. / 30x60x3 cm. / 60x60x3 cm. Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses

  • Driveway & Parking Area
  • Pool Coping & Pook Deck
  • Flooring & Wall Cladding