Pumice Lava Pool Tiles

Pumice Lava Pool Tiles


This stone is formed during regular volcanic eruptions where ash
(scoria) is blown out of the mountain and flows down the slope. This hot material cools down quite fast with much open space in its structure. The andesitic composition with lots of open pore space, makes the stone hard, with high permeability and porosity, and further it’s rich in ferromagnesium crystals containing some sulfur. This combination makes the stone very porous, but resistant against fungi, when wet the absorption
of water turns it into a beautiful black colour. Stone is also suitable for tiles, being very hard and strong. In full sun it becomes hot, though the air in the stone prevents extreme high temperatures. Recommended use for water feature, swimming pool and cladding.

Available Sizes

10x10x1 cm. / 30x60x2 cm. / 60x60x2 cm. ​Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses

  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Coping & Pook Deck
  • Flooring & Wall Cladding