Silver Grey Tumbled

Silver Grey Tumbled


These metamorph c stones (geological name Gneiss) were formed from old sedimentary layers, mainly sandstone and some interbedded clays. During the metamorphic process (about 2,500 million years ago) in India the stones were subject to heating and very high pressures. Water is expulsed together with many soluble chemicals such as iron. During this process new minerals are formed mainly muscovite, which gave the stone its layered structure and colour. The high grade metamorphic stones such as Silver Grey do no longer contain soluble elements, which were eliminated during their formation. As a result this stone has an
extreme low porosity and permeability, it doesn’t have any free elements such as iron. 

Available Sizes

10x10x1.2-1.5 Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses

  • Driveway & Parking Area
  • Flooring & Wall Cladding