Certain types of stone are suited to produce very thin sheets/slabs of stone. This stone is pulled of the slate/quartzite slabs using a fiberglass cover. This results in very thin layers of only a few millimeters thick. Due to its backing the stone is flexible and can therefore be installed around rounded surfaces,
like pillars. Surface is real natural stone, so it can applied for cladding all types of wall and surfaces. We do store several types in sizes of 60 x 120 cm. All these stone types are metamorphic rocks, thinly bedded and with lots of muscovite and/or biotite crystals, allowing shearing along the weakest plane. Although very thin, it’s 100% natural stone with the same characteristics as
for those in tiles, like Silver Grey and others. Totally waterproof, resistant against staining and very hard non-scratching surface. The stone, having formed at high temperatures and pressures has almost no porosity nor permeability, making it nearly impossible for fungus to grow on it.

Available Sizes

60×120 cm. Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses

  • Wall Cladding