It’s another type from our Bluestone style materials. The stone very dense, and be classified as a marble. The organic/clay streaks in it, are indicative for its environment of deposition, near-shore with terrestrial sediment influx. The organic remains in the stone, always contain some sulfur, which blocks the forming of fungus on the stone. Density is quite high, stone has a low permeability and porosity and it’s therefore easy to clean and maintain. This material is well resistant against ulna-violet light, and its colour doesn’t change after many years exposure. It is suited for all tropical/hot sunny climate conditions. Maintenance is minimal, spelling of screamer or types of tanning oils, normally disappears by itself if exposed to full sunlight for couple of days.

Available Sizes

30x60x2 cm. / 60x60x2 cm. Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses

  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Coping & Pook Deck
  • Flooring & Wall Cladding