White Cloud Pool Tiles

White Cloud Pool Tiles


White Cloud is a lime stone, which consists of bio- turbated muddy lime. Stone is very well packed and contains therefore low porosity and permeability. The calcite crystals are embedded in the very fine muddy lime, so protected against external chemicals, making it suitable for swimming pool applications. The high percentage muddy lime gives the stone a certain degree of flexibility making it suitable for paving and drive way applications. Precipitation on top of the stone may occur if the water is hard , air pollution is strong and water circulation/ filtering inadequate. Especially saltwater pools need good chemical balances.

Available Sizes

10x10x1 cm. / 30x60x2 cm. / 60x60x2 cm. ​Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses

  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Coping & Pook Deck
  • Flooring & Wall Cladding