HSN-Indonesia has created over the last few years a strict quality control system. Premium quality; tiles
are checked on sizes +/- 1mm. size tolerance and +/- 2 mm. thickness.

Stone blocks are selected from the so called “Blue” formation in the quarries. This stone type forms
about 10% of the total volume, it has not got big green patches, nor yellow / brown/ black big inclusions.
Blistering of the tiles is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Remember it’s always recommended to install the tiles under a shade cloth so the tiles don’t get too hot
in the full sun, this allows better bonding and prevents blistering.
HSN warrants excellent quality control, but dealing with hundreds of thousand natural stone tiles mistakes can’t be avoided, claims are less than 5%.

Bali green or green sukabumi swimming pool tiles installed private residence
HSN guarantees good quality at a good price and in case of a problem, we will find a solution to solve it.