Environmental impact and sustainability are major issues in our world. You must trust your supplier, that it monitors on your behalf these matters, and ensures the minimum damage to the environment.
Quarry control and selection of blocks are the basis of our work. Mining plans must be efficient, limiting the damage to its surroundings, taking care of pollution and optimizing the water consumption. Our geological staff monitors the quarry and advises the operators on the most suitable techniques for extraction. Properly shaped blocks are quarried, and fractured or otherwise spoiled rock formations are left in place. Executing careful monitoring, therefore reducing costs, increases recovery of good stone per m3 mined, reducing the overall environmental impact.
Natural stone tiles for walkway and footpath
As an end user, you have no control over this, so you must trust your supplier to take care of it, on your behalf. Purchasing stone is not only about costs, but also about the environmental impact caused, for this trust your supplier.
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