Roofing Slate

Roofing Slate


Traditionally roofing slates have been used to provide maximum long lasting protection of dwellings. Slates on old castles, monasteries, palaces and large villas remain still in perfect conditions after hundreds of year. Besides quality, people all appreciate the natural beauty of this roofing style. Most commonly used are the black slates, in general thinner, and the multicolor ones. Choice between those types depends on the individual taste and the whole ambiance of the building. Slate covered houses are most appreciated when set in hilly, natural setting. Resistant against fire and strong winds, they offer a good protection in fire prone areas. Being light weight it reduces the overall weight of the building reducing foundation costs and the need for strong wall/pillars. Recommended pitch for roofing slates is at least 30 degrees.

Available Sizes

20×40 cm. Other sizes available on request

Recommended Uses