Showstones marble layers continuous uplifted in the mountain range separating Thailand and Myanmar are exposed in some areas to the surface. Soil and natural vegetation do cover these marble formations. As Thailand has a monsoon season, trees search for deeper water sources during the dry season. The roots dissolve the marble layer, and may penetrate several meters in the deeper zones. The “drilled” root canals get slowly bigger and develop into a Karst like configuration. Searching for these pieces with many holes and digging them up is difficult. After recovering the good pieces, they are cleaned using diluted hydro-chloric acid and partly polished where needed. This stone type being very rare is well sought after, resulting in prices for the last 20 years increasing faster than inflation. Price increases on average 5- 10%/annum.

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Hin Saeng Nakorn Co., Ltd. is the leading exporter of these unique natural stones from Thailand. All Showstones are brought to our export facility prior to shipment. There they are subjected to strict quality control and custom packed in handmade wooden crates to accommodate their unique shapes. Only the highest quality EU approved wood is used and all containers are fumigated before departure in accordance with the latest EU requirements. Our collection of Showstones is updated every two weeks and can be selected directly from our website.

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