High metamorphic stones were formed by the collision of tectonic plates in the mountains on the edge of the Australian-Indian plate moving northwards. Due to the very high pressure and moderate high temperatures, these original sedimentary layers were metamorphosed in the current quartzite layers. Depending on the original composition of the sedimentary layers, colours may vary. Our workers split the rocks in the quarry, and select them on thickness, size and colours. These random flat pieces called flagstones are extremely well suited to be used outdoors in a tropical climate, as they have a very low permeability and porosity, so it’s very difficult for fungus to grow on top of this type of stone. It’s recommended to use mixed sizes when laying a path, so a natural looking surface is obtained. Commonly these flagstones are laid on a stabilized surface, but it can also be installed on a concrete base. As the stone is very hard and durable, it doesn’t break easily and can therefore very well used for drive ways

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