Polished Black Pebbles

Polished Black pebbles provide the magic finishing touch to unique designs. They can be used to add the perfect touch to a landscape design, or for completing the indoor architecture. Pebbles were polished by the Desert winds over tens of thousands of years, and were finished using modern polishing machines. หินกรวดสีดำขัดเงา สามารถใช้โรยกระถางต้นไม้ แทนการปลูกต้นหญ้าหรือโชว์ผิวดิน สวนของคุณจะดูสวยโดเด่น รวมถึงโรยตกแต่งขอบหรือทางระบายสระว่ายน้ำ […]

Architect Corner

landscape design

Each month HSN publishes on its Facebook HinSaengNakorn some excellent work done by architects cooperating with our company in various parts of the world. It offers a look into modern top of the range architectural designs. Their designs can be found in Asia, Middle East and Africa and they always focus on tropical settings and modern […]

Natural stones in gardens

Recently usage of natural stones in gardens as freeform for cladding, paving and cladding, and pebbles has become very popular. Our installation team has done some excellent work, using local materials in cladding various walls. Pebbles, polished black, white and flat ones are frequently used for decoration along footpaths, around trees and many other applications.

Black Granite

In the natural stone world, most people talk about Black Granites for Counter tops, Paving, Flooring and Cladding tiles and Funeral work. Such a stone doesn’t exist. Granite per definition must contain Quartz and Alkali Feldspar, besides Plagioclase and other minor minerals.             Black Granite is a Mafic Rock, formed […]

Limestone and Marble

Limestone is formed mainly in seawater, either as a mud-deposit on the bottom of the sea/ocean and often as a reef (Great Barrier Reef-Australia). It consists of Calcium Carbonate and lots of water, and often some clay and organic debris from animals and plants. When it’s changed into rock, due to high pressure and uplifted […]

Italian Porcelain Tiles

HSN Italian Ceramic tiles series are of a superb meticulous design, fitting in well with natural stones Each tile, wood and other types, has its own unique character and there is a lot of variation, giving it a rich looking appearance. Textural design is such that it can be used both in and outdoors. Besides […]

Originals and Copies

Identifying rocks by geologists and selecting them to use as natural stones in architecture and landscaping, requires careful testing and setting quality demands for colour, textures and shapes. Only when all this has been properly executed, does our company offer a new product to the market. Where feasible these products are registered with a trademark […]

Green Sukabumi Tiles Quality

HSN-Indonesia has created over the last few years a strict quality control system. Premium quality; tiles are checked on sizes +/- 1mm. size tolerance and +/- 2 mm. thickness. Stone blocks are selected from the so called “Blue” formation in the quarries. This stone type forms about 10% of the total volume, it has not […]

Chalk Fossil Stone

chalk fossil stone is natural stone rock using for landscape and decoratation

Chalk Fossil Stone, some outstanding features can be realized using Natural Stones. Here you see a big waterfall, flowing over a meditation cave, it creates the idea of total freedom and relaxation, where the movement of the water and the sounds associated with it, give you the calmness for meditation. Chalk-fossil rocks were used to […]

Flagstone แผ่นหินทางเดิน

Flagstone freeform natural stone for walkway in garden

A natural balance exists between gardens/parks/forest and flagstone paths. Free form pieces of various materials blend in perfectly in this setting. Some natural stones become green from moss/fungus, which looks nice, but may be slippery when wet. Others are non porous and impermeable, therefore retaining their original stone properties. Modern lifestyle, focused on compact size […]